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Facts We Need To See

There are 2 billion 200 million people with eye disease in the world today. 1 billion of this figure are preventable eye diseases such as glaucoma, trachoma and cataracts. Now, 94 million of people suffer from cataract which can be easily treated in our country. Cataract disease is observed mostly in middle-aged people and it is especially seen in geographies with harsh climate and living conditions.

What Are We Doing?

Within the scope of our cataract works that we run with the slogan of "Right to See", we have performed thousands of eye surgeries and performed tens of thousands of examinations in Niger, Kenya, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Mauritania, Tanzania, Congo DC, Sudan, Chechnya, Uganda, Cameroon, Mali and Bangladesh. With your donations, we helped cataract patients who could not be treated to see their loved ones.

How Can You Make Cataract Donation?

By making donation, you can help people who are in danger of losing their eyesight even though it is possible to reach the light with just one surgery.

You can make your donation online or using your bank information at the yyd.org.tr/banka web address. Please add your name, surname, phone number and "cataract" information in the explanation section during donation with the bank.

The cost of a surgery is 1560 TRY.


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Every minute counts. Your support now; it will change the life of a mother, a child or a person. Join the movement of goodness.

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