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In the world, not everyone has the same facilities. Some live in prosperity and luxury, while others are struggling with poverty and despair. A lot of reasons such as natural disasters, internal disorders, wars, poverty, hunger may make some people more desperate and deprived than the others.

A group of voluntary health workers who have taken action in Bosnia, Kosovo wars and in 17 August earthquake without ignoring these events have established Yeryüzü Doktorları in 2000 in order to reach the people in need who are unable to access health services and to make them hold on to life.

Up to this day; for the events below;



    Indian Ocean (Indonesia Aceh) Earthquake and Tsunami


    Sudan Darfur Crisis

    Pakistan Muzaffarabad Earthquake and Flood Disaster


    Indonesia Yogyakarta Earthquake


    Sri Lanka Internal Conflicts


    Gaza Crisis


    Pakistan Swat Crisis


    Van Earthquake

    Horn of Africa Drought Crisis

    3 nutrition health centers were opened in Somalia.


    Van Earthquake

    Horn of Africa Drought Crisis

    3 nutrition health centers were opened in Somalia.


    Philippines Typhoon

    A medical specialization program was launched in Somalia,

    A blood bank opened in Lebanon,

    A micro-surgical unit was established in Gaza,

    A scientific congress was held in Somalia.


    Central African Crisis

    Soma Disaster

    Gaza Crisis

    West African Ebola Outbreak

    A midwife and nursing school was opened in Somalia.

    A primary health care clinic was opened in Bangui, Central African Republic.

    A mobile health service was launched to serve the immigration wave coming to Suruc.

    A refugee health clinic was established and operated in Sirnak.


    Nepal Earthquake

    Pakistan Flood Disaster

    Yemen Crisis

    Hewa Bora Hospital was opened in DR Congo.

    Gaza Islamic University FTR Laboratory was opened.

    FTR and home health program was launched in Gaza.

    A refugee camp clinic was opened in the Sido area of ​​Chad.

    Support was given to the establishment and operation of Yamaz Hospital in Syria.

    Support was provided for the establishment of a medical school at the Islamic University of Uganda.

    A scientific congress was held in Palestine.

    Trainings were held in Tanzania-Zanzibar and Mauritania.

    Refugee health clinics were established and operated in Batman and Diyarbakir.

    A refugee health clinic was opened and operated in Fatih, Istanbul.


    Trainings were held in Azerbaijan and Uganda.

    4 nutrition health centers were opened in Yemen.

    Nutritional health program was initiated in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

    Refugee health clinics were established and operated in Izmir and Istanbul-Sultangazi.


    After the Arakan crisis, aid activities for the healthcare field started for those in need living in refugee camps.

    Health trainings were held in Azerbaijan and Afghanistan.

    Refugee health training centers project was started in Istanbul-Küçükçekmece, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa.


    Like the Indonesian Tsunami Disaster;

    In June, a Mother-Child Health and Primary Health Care Clinic was opened in the Soran district of the Azez province of Syria.

    In October, a refugee health clinic was opened in Cinderes, Syria's Afrin province.


    In January, a refugee health clinic was opened in the Balukhali Refugee Camp in Bangladesh where Arakan refugees live.


    Community Health Centers were opened in Istanbul and Kilis.

    Somali Mogadishu Refugee Health Center also started to provided services in the field of maternal and child health.

    Nutrition health services started to be provided in Afghanistan with 15 nutrition health centers and 11 mobile health teams.

    The refugee health center serving in Balukhali Refugee Camp was moved and started to serve as Bangladesh Thaingkhali Refugee Health Center.

    Medicine and vaccine support was provided against malaria in Niger.

    Hygiene kit support was provided to refugees who had hard times at the Edirne border.

    After the Elazığ earthquake, emergency relief works were carried out in the region.

    Emergency aid activities were carried out for the disaster victims affected by the Izmir earthquake.

    Hygiene kit support was provided for patients in quarantine following the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Suluk Health Center was established in the Tel Abyad region of Syria.

    Three new nutrition and maternal and child health centers were opened in the Taiz region of Yemen.

    Chad Sido Refugee Health Center also started to provided services in the field of mother and child health.

    A new nutritional health center was opened next to Somali Mogadishu Refugee Health Center.

    After the fire and flood disasters in Bangladesh Cox Bazar region, food parcels and hygiene kits were provided to the region.

    After the Gaza crisis in May, emergency humanitarian aid activities were carried out.

    After the fires in Manavgat and Muğla, hygiene kits were delivered to the regions.

    Food parcel support was given to the region in response to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan's Kabul and Kunduz regions.

    After the Kastamonu flood disaster, hygiene kits were distributed in the region.


    The project on migrant health education centers, which is ongoing in Istanbul-Küçükçekmece, Gaziantep, and Şanlıurfa, has also been initiated in the Mersin province.

    As part of the project conducted in collaboration with Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), psychosocial support services were provided to disadvantaged individuals aged 4-29 living in Istanbul.

    In Palestine, the Central Region Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center was established and put into service.

    In response to the humanitarian crisis in the Bande Chack region of Afghanistan, a health camp was organized, providing medical examinations and medication support.

    Following the flood disaster in Pakistan, a health camp was set up again to provide medical examinations and medication support, along with tent assistance.

    Maternal and child health services have commenced in the Bahr El Gazal region of Chad.

    To address the increasing issue of access to safe food in the Galmudug province of Somalia, a mobile nutrition health team was formed for a rapid solution.


    On February 6, 2023, the earthquake, referred to as the "Disaster of the Century," occurred with its epicenter in Kahramanmaraş, causing significant destruction and impacting Syria. In response, first-level healthcare support, psychosocial support services, hygiene kit, and food basket distributions were carried out in Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman, Hatay, and Malatya.

    For those in need without access to a health support station in earthquake-affected areas, mobile health teams were established. These mobile teams provided health and medication support services to earthquake victims in rural areas.

    Actively participating in the Cinderes region of Syria, where the effects of the earthquake were felt, health services were provided to support earthquake victims.

    Following the humanitarian crisis that started in Gaza on October 7, 2023, emergency humanitarian aid activities, including urgent health services, examinations and surgeries, hygiene kit support, medical equipment support, food basket distribution, hot meal support, and psychosocial support activities, were conducted.

    After the flood disasters in the Derne region of Libya, food basket and hygiene kit support were provided to the affected areas.

    Emergency Aid Packages (food, hygiene, medical, and shelter materials) were provided to those affected by the earthquake in Morocco.

    Aid activities were carried out for the victims affected by the earthquake in Afghanistan.

    Psychosocial support services were initiated at the Syria Cinderes Refugee Health Center.

    "Emergency First Aid Training" sessions were organized at the Syria Suluk Health Center.