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As Yeryüzü Doktorları, we work every day to make sure that there is no one left in the world who cannot reach quality health care. We sends volunteer medical teams to regions where difficult conditions such as disasters, hunger, war and poverty are experienced or we open new health centers or renew the existing ones.

With our more than 40 thousand volunteers of whom 25 thousand of whom are health workers,
we provided;

  • 2 million sessions of examination,
  • Treatment service to 198 thousand people,
  • Nutrition treatment services to 88 thousand people,
  • in 54 countries.

We take our greatest strength from you, our donors and volunteers, and improve our work every day. You can donate any amount you want and support us so that everyone in the world can receive health care.

Goodness. Health.

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Every minute counts. Your support now; it will change the life of a mother, a child or a person. Join the movement of goodness.

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