Ne Aramıştınız?

What is happening?

In Gaza with approximately 2 million Palestinian population, humanitarian crisis has still been continuing since 2007 due to internal conflict and ongoing embargos. Many people have lost their lives and thousands of people have injured because of the Great March of Return which still is ongoing. 1 million 300 thousand people still needs humanitarian aid due to the lack of sheltering, food and healthcare services.

What do we do?

Yeryüzü Doktorları has provided financial support and equipment to two current physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in 2014, the year when the Gaza Crisis took place. After determining that physical treatment services are the most necessary service in the region, as of June 2015, a new physical treatment and rehabilitation center was established and initiated services in Gaza.

Within the scope of Home Healthcare Services provided with Mobile Medical Teams, it is aimed to provide services at home for wounded people and the patients who are not able to leave their homes and whose condition is serious.

Yeryüzü Doktorları is the only association that can effectively provide home healthcare services among international organizations providing health services in Gaza.

Due to the events in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis, psychosocial support service has been initiated in order for the people to overcome their traumas. Within this context, Yeryüzü Doktorları has been conducting informative and supportive activities for the people of the region and intended groups.

What can you do?

With your donations, you can support our current healthcare services in Gaza and make contribution to sustenance of the treatments, equipment and medicine support provided for the community.


Every minute counts. Your support now; it will change the life of a mother, a child or a person. Join the movement of goodness.

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