Ne Aramıştınız?

Let’s light up the facts left in darkness…

Today, there are 2 billion 200 million people suffering from eye diseases in the world. 1 billion of this number consists of eye diseases that can be easily be treated, such as cataract and trachoma. Of these people struggling with eye diseases, 65 million 200 thousand are dealing with cataract which can also be easily treated in our country. Diagnosed mostly in middle-aged people, cataract is observed in many regions but mostly in geographical areas, where bad climate and poor living conditions are observed and there are inadequacies for necessary therapies.

What Do We Do?

Until today, we have performed hundreds of eye surgeries in Niger, Lebanon, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen, Mauritania, Tanzania, DR Congo, Sudan, Uganda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya (RF) and we also have conducted thousands of examinations. Under favor of your support, we helped cataract patients to see their beloved ones.

What Can You Do?

Today, millions of cataract patients face with the risk of losing their sight if they are not treated.

Let’s help together and not leave them in the dark because of the cataract or trachoma, which can be easily treated by a surgery worth of 700 TRY.


Every minute counts. Your support now; it will change the life of a mother, a child or a person. Join the movement of goodness.

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