Some of the resources of Yeryüzü Doktorları, whose activities are substantially carried out with the support of individual donors, are formed by corporate sponsorships and national/international grants. The distribution of resources in accordance with their types is shown below.

Individual Donations 11,079,700.84 TRY 46.69%
Corporate Sponsorships & Grants 8,578,909.56 TRY 36.15%
Donations in kind 3,768,689.50 TRY 15.88%
Other 301,783.86 TRY 1.27%
TOTAL 23,729,083.76 TRY 100%
Individual Donations 14,692,792.79 TRY 47.19%
Corporate Donations / Sponsorships 680,495.90 TRY 2.19%
Funds/Grants 11,892,029.38 TRY 38.19%
Donations in kind 3,023,153,58 TRY 9.71%
Other 848,335.63 TRY 2.72%
TOTAL 31,136,807.28 TRY 100%

First of all, field analyses are performed in order for these resources to be used in the most optimal manner which aim to be delivered to ten thousands of people in need every year. After the need is identified correctly, projects and programs are prepared in this direction; examinations and surgeries are performed, medicine and hygiene kits are distributed, water wells are opened, health personnel are trained in order to increase internal capacity and provides medical equipment support.

Each day, in order to reach out more people and to maintain the quality of the services provided, the sustainability and development of local capacity is observed. This is possible by ensuring the continuity of resources.

Some of the resources developed are allocated to general administrative expenses and project and resource development activities to ensure the sustainability of the programs. The distribution of resource usage is shown below.

General Administrative Expenses 463,224.75 TRY 1.70%
Project and Programmes 26,835,102.4 TRY 98.30%
 Project management 25,787,810.97 TRY 94.47%
 Project and Resource Development 1,047,291.47 TRY 3.84%
TOTAL 27,298,327.15 TRY 100%
General Administrative Expenses 818,315.98 TRY 3.14%
Project and Programmes 25,218,352.38 TRY 96.86%
 Project management 23,590,458.97 TRY 90.61%
 Project and Resource Development 1,627,893.41 TRY 6.25%
TOTAL 26,036,668.36 TRY 100%

“General Donations” which is used in order to maintain the continuity of resources and in cases where especially urgent needs occur is of great importance. Click here to support.