Other Crises and Emergencies

Other Crises and Emergencies

Yeryüzü Doktorları renders service initially by dispatching voluntary paramedic teams in the event of earthquake, flood, fire etc. disasters and in the event of war and crisis and by providing medicine-equipment support. Within the direction of the needs that are determined, it establishes field hospitals and clinics, provides mobile health services, supports the repair and operation of the hospitals and clinics that were destroyed. It develops and implements mid-long term projects to restore basic needs for health infrastructure affected by crisis situations.



Aceh Earthquake and Tsunami, Indonesia (2004)
Yeryüzü Doktorları carried out activities in the region that was destroyed by an earthquake of 8 magnitude in order to provide emergency medical assistance. Our Volunteer Health Team became one of the first international organizations to work in the region. In addition to medical assistance, dry food and relief supplies were distributed to the victims as well.
Muzaffarabad Earthquake and Flood Disaster, Pakistan (2005)
Yeryüzü Doktorları, who built the first permanent health centre and children’s hospital in the region after the earthquake in the city of Muzaffarabad in Pakistan, served the disaster victims with two health centres established during the flood disaster and a mobile gynaecology clinic. 1000 tents and 1 ton of medicine aid was also provided to the region.
Yogyakarta Earthquake, Indonesia (2006)
More than 5000 people died and 200,000 people became homeless as a result of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that took place near Yogyakarta, with a population of about 800,000. After the first need assessment, Yeryüzü Doktorları sent the Voluntary Health Team for emergency medical help.
Van Earthquake (2011)
Immediately after the disaster, Yeryüzü Doktorları volunteers have arrived in Van and participated in emergency aid and search&rescue works with Yeryüzü-SAR, a medical search&rescue unit. With the wilderness hospital it has established, it supported the health services in the early period after the disaster and by making short-term and medium-term need assessments, it has prepared forward-looking projects. With the “Van Mobile Health Clinic” project in 11 villages and 2 hamlets within Van Centrum for 6 months it has carried primary care, vaccination and pregnant follow-up activities, and psycho-social support activities for children. Training on hygiene, first aid and oral health were provided. During these operations, all Yeryüzü Doktorları Turkey volunteer pharmacists have sent medicines and medical supplies. In addition to health services, food for one month was provided to the villages of Dağönü and Yeşilsu, and the school uniforms and supplies of 31 primary school students in Dağönü village were purchased.
Phillippines Typhon, Phillippines (2013)
Typhoon Haiyan started to wreak havoc in the Philippines on Friday, November 8, 2013, affecting more than 16 million people. At least 6,300 people lost their lives and nearly 28,700 others were injured. Furthermore, more than 1.000 people reported as missing. 489,600 houses were destroyed and 595,100 others were damaged. DWWT established a field hospital on November 25, 2013, in Dagami area, which was affected by the typhoon and has a population of 45,000 people. This hospital included a pharmacy and provided health services in the fields of pediatrics, wound care, examination, circumcision, and vaccination, to 1,651 disaster victims, 29% of whom were children under 5 years old, this was executed with the support of 3 voluntary medical teams assigned from Turkey. In addition to the medical support, the official health center, which is located next to the field hospital opened in collaboration with Global Medic, DWWT’s support partner during the operation, was repaired. The total cost of the aid provided was 63,000$ and the total value of the service provided was 171,900$.
Soma Disaster (2014)
On May 13, 2014, 301 miners are martryed and 432 children were orphaned in a mine disaster in Manisa Soma. Due to the trauma seen especially in the children after the disaster, the project of ‘Game Therapy for the Children of Soma’ was developed by Yeryüzü Doktorları Turkey and the Pedagogical Society. Within the scope of the project, two game therapy rooms were set up in a primary school located in the district. The children were interviewed by reaching the miners’ families living around the school, and the children to be treated were determined. Twenty children aged between 2 and 12 were enrolled in 6-session Children-centered Game Therapy and Puppet and Art Therapy between June 18 – 26. Moreover, therapeutic toy sets were distributed to 100 children who were unable to obtain the therapy. In total, 108 sessions were given to 18 children in 7 days.
Ebola Outbreak (2014)
Ebola disease has a fatality rate ranging between 25% and 90%; and it is transmitted through direct or indirect contact with the blood or bodily secretions of the patient or through contact with disintegrated skin or even with intact skin, although the root cuse is still unexplained. The West African Ebola outbreak, which began in late May 2014, was declared to be a third-degree emergency in July and an International Health Emergency Status in August by the WHO. Since the outbreak was detected, the number of people suffering from this disease has been reported to be over 20,000. The number of people who lost their lives has been reported to be over 9.000 in 9 different countries. 837 of the health workers who played a major role in the fight against the epidemic caught Ebola virus and 490 of them lost their lives. Yeryüzü Doktorları Turkey started a project to send personal protective equipment in order to support the health workers and treatment centers in Sierra Leone and Liberia, which are the most affected countries by the epidemic. By this way, it would be possible to enable the health workers, who are spread thin, to continue their work and to fight with the epidemic. In the scope of the project, aid containers consisting of a total of 740,000 medical equipment including protective masks, isolation garments, anti-splash masks, Tyvek masked dresses, and Tyvek protective garments were sent to Sierra Leone and Liberia Ministries of Health.
Nepal Earthquake (2015)
Yeryüzü Doktorları Turkey, that took action for emergency health aid at the earthquake with 7.8 magnitude when 7365 people lost their lives and 14,355 people were injured in Nepal on 25 April 2015, sent a volunteer medical team to the region and carried out 896 examinations and 121 operations in total. Besides, 20,000 liters of water, 1,000 packages of sanitary pads and 1,000 packages of hand sterilization gel were sent to the region. Support was given in liaison with Qatar Red Crescent to the rehabilitation of the Singati Community Hospital that was damaged with the earthquake effect and in the Singati region of Nepal.
Pakistan Flood Disaster (2015)
Monsoon rains, which start as of mid-July and last until the end of August due to the monsoon climate, became effective in Northern Pakistan that year and left the region under flood. Thousands of people lost their homes and farmlands became unusable. Chitral city in Hayber Pahtunhva state was the worst affected area. The infrastructure of the Chitral and agricultural areas suffered great damage. It was said that more than 1 million people were affected by the flood. Following the flood disaster, Yeryüzü Doktorları conducted disaster emergency relief efforts in Chitral city, Rsheen Gol and Rayeen regions between September 15-23, 2015 with the disaster emergency team. In Chitral, one of the poorest regions of the country, 500 Family Life Support Palettes consisting of basic food needs such as flour, sugar, oil and tea in addition to detergent, cleaning kit, soap and mosquito net were distributed.


Sudan Darfur Crisis (2005)
More than 2.5 million people in the state of Western Darfur near Chad border of Sudan were forced to leave their homes. Providing health services at the El-Geneina City Hospital in the region, Yeryüzü Doktorları who has established an eye unit, has also provided health services to the Sudanese people, including complex surgical procedures.
Sri Lanka Conflicts (2007)
During the conflict in Sri Lanka, more than 300,000 people were displaced and more than 700,000 people were killed. After decades of conflict, resources have been consumed and the infrastructure has been severally damaged. The prolonged violence has increased the need for humanitarian aid, however, many international aid organizations have had to cease their operations in Sri Lanka because of the safety problem of the workers. Yeryüzü Doktorları has opened 2 health centres in Sri Lanka to provide medicine and adequate health services to people in need.
Pakistan SWAT Crisis (2009)
Yeryüzü Doktorları, who provide assistance to 3 million people who have been forced to leave their homes in the internal conflicts in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan, have provided emergency medical assistance with a 6-person relief team, one ambulance and one mobile clinic vehicle to 100 refugee patients a day in the Marian camp for 6 months.

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