Central African Crisis

Central African Crisis

What is Happening?

Due to the violence incidents arising from the political instability and political causes in the Central African Republic in late 2013; thousands of people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were forced to migrate to neighbouring countries such as Cameroon, Congo, DC, Congo and Chad.

What do We do?

Yeryüzü Doktorları, from the first day of the crisis, provided health and humanitarian aid activities in Bangui, capital of Central African Republic and persons who are forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries such as Cameroon, Chad.

Within the scope of the Central African Crisis, with the project of Shifa Clinic in the PK5 region of Bangui where Muslims live intensively, Yeryüzü Doktorları have offered primary health services and aimed to cover the food needs of the region with Ramadan and Sacrifice organizations.

Yeryüzü Doktorları, who has started studies on Middle African refugees who were affected by the crisis and took refuge in neighbouring countries, opened water wells in the region of Chad N’Djamena (Encemine), activated the Shifa Clinic within Doyaba Refugee Camp in Sarh region and dispatched voluntary health teams to the region. While aiming to solve the water shortage in the camp by distributing water tablets to the camps located at the Cameroon-OAC border, it also aimed to take measures against cholera and Ebola outbreaks.

PK5 Shifa Clinic initiated services as of May 2014 in order to serve 20 thousand refugees who took refuge in the Central Mosque in Bangui. The building in the centre of the region which has been used as the municipality building before have been renovated and had become a clinic where patients can be examined, could be treated, where laboratory tests could be carried out and where also consists of a pharmacy. Within the scope of 2014 Ramadan Organization, hot meal facilities were provided to 450 families in this region.

Yeryüzü Doktorları Doyaba Clinic provided primary health services in Chad’s Sarh Region Doyaba Refugee Camp between July-December 2014 with 1 doctor, 2 nurses and 1 pharmacist. The clinic also provided free medicine support as well as free medical care.

After 65 people died of cholera epidemics in two months, 1300 disease cases were found in Cameroon, Yeryüzü Doktorları sent 4.730 (10 pallets) water treatment kits to the MBLE camp where Central African refugees have taken refuge. 5 trucks of humanitarian aid that were delivered to Yaounde Airport was brought to MBLE camp in Bertoua city of Cameroon on the Central African Republic border after a 15-hour road trip. Thanks to the water treatment tablets, clean water issue in the camp here 10 thousand refugees live has been largely addressed.

In the Sido refugee camp in the Maro region of Chad where 50,000 refugees live, a clinic has been opened as of 1 November 2016 and;

  • Primary health care
  • Medicine support and malaria test
  • Identification of patients at risk
  • Basic health care
  • Malaria medicine

services were rendered.

What can you do?

With little donations, you can lead to great changes in the lives of people you don’t know at all. Because all the support to date have been made with the strength we gained from your goodness.