Last updated on 01.11.2019

What is Happening?

Due to the violence incidents arising from the political instability and political causes in the Central African Republic in late 2013, thousands of people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were forced to migrate to neighboring countries such as Cameroon, DR Congo, Congo and Chad.

What do We do?

Since the very first day of crisis, Yeryüzü Doktorları has been providing humanitarian aid in the field of health towards the people living in the refugee camps taking place especially in Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic, and in bordering countries such as Cameroon and Chad.

Within the period of Central African crisis, Yeryüzü Doktorları has provided primary healthcare services by the project of Shifa Clinic in PK5 district, and also aimed to cover the lack of food with Qurbani and Ramadan organizations.

Yeryüzü Doktorları has started many projects for Central African affectees, for instance, water wells have been drilled in N’Djamena, Chad. Also, Yeryüzü Doktorları has started to operate Shifa Clinic in Doyaba Refugee Camp in the region of Sarh and sent volunteer medical teams to the region. With the purpose of solving the clean water access problem, water purification tablets have been distributed to refugee camps on the border of Cameroon and Central African Republic. By this project, it was also aimed to prevent cholera and ebola epidemics in the region.

Central African Republic

For the purpose of serving 20 thousand refugees sheltering in Central Mosque in the district of PK5 of Bangui, Shifa Clinic was opened in May 2014. After some renovations, a building in the center, which was used to be a city hall, was turned to a clinic, where the patients can get examined, receive inpatient treatment, take laboratory tests, and there is a pharmacy inside. Within the scope of Ramadan organization, 450 families in the region were provided hot meals.

Chad – Doyaba Health Clinic

Chad – Doyaba Health Clinic provided primary health care services with 1 doctor, 2 nurses and 1 pharmacist in the months of July – August in 2014. Along with primary health care services, medicine support was also supplied in the clinic.

Cameroon – The Distribution of Water Purification Tablets

Following that 65 people lost their lives to cholera epidemic in 2 months and 1,300 people was diagnosed with cholera, Yeryüzü Doktorları sent 4 thousand 730 (10 pallets) water purification kits to MBLE camp where Central African refugees reside. After a 15-hour land travel, 5 trucks of humanitarian aid supplies landed at the Yaounde Airport was delivered to MBLE camps located in Bertoua city on the border Central African Republic. In the camp where approximately 10 thousand refugees stay, the problem of clean water was solved to a large extent by virtue of those water purification tablets.

Chad – Sido Refugee Health Center

According to UN data, due to Central African Crisis erupted towards the end of 2013, 100 thousand refugee migrated to Chad and started to live in the camps set on the southwestern of the country. Within the scope of this project, Yeryüzü Doktorları, having started its health services firstly in Doyaba refugee camp in 2014, opened a new health centre in Sido refugee camp in 2016, which is located in the region of Maro in Chad and hosting 50 thousand refugees. This center is the only place to provide free health care service for the refugees living in Sido camp and the local community. In this clinic which provides primary health care services, malaria treatment and medicine support, 7 thousand 17 examinations were provided and 2 thousand 636 patients with malaria were treated in 2017.

In 2018, 9 thousand 734 examinations in total were conducted and medicine support was provided for malaria patients. As of December, nutrition treatments were also started for the people suffering from malnutrition. In December in 2018 and in January, February and March in 2019, 387 children were also included in therapeutic nutrition treatment program.

In Sido Refugee camp with 60 thousand refugees, Yeryüzü Doktorları have still been providing primary health care services, medicine support, malaria tests, and also it determines the people at risk in the region.

What can you do?

With little donations, you can lead to huge differences in the lives of people you have never known. Keep in mind that all the support until now have been provided with the strength coming from your goodness.