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We have been providing health services to Syrians since the first day of the Syrian crisis. Within the scope of our services, we make possible for thousands of people to access healthcare services with our Suluk Health Center that we opened in Tel Abyad, where a safe environment is provided now and where the need for healthcare services is constantly increasing.

We provide services in the branches of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dental health, dermatology, emergency observation and otolaryngology at the health center we established in Tel Abyad, which became safe with the Operation Peace Spring. Since December 2020, we have performed 25 thousand 575 examinations, 3 thousand 576 emergency observation services, 32 thousand 847 drug support and 5 thousand 777 dental treatments at the center.

With our health center, we aim to increase the local health capacity, to ensure the continuity of the health services provided and to provide employment opportunities to the people of the region. We continue our work with a total of 25 local personnel, including 8 doctors, 5 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 1 field coordinator and 10 administrative staff.

Our Project Coordinator Furkan Terzi said, "As Yeryüzü Doktorları, we work at our Suluk Healthcare Center in Tel Abyad to meet the need for healthcare services in the region. Our health center providing services in different branches, meets the needs of women and children in particular in the region where the population is concentrated. On the other hand, our center suffers from conflicts greatly. It plays an important role in improving the health infrastructure, providing employment and reestablishing the social and economic order. In this context, Suluk Healthcare Center has an important position in the normalization of life in the region as well as providing health services."