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As Yeryüzü Doktorları, we wait for your support to our campaign with the slogan of “Not for A Meal, For A Life”, which we started for those in need who are starving to death in countries where there is severe hunger due to drought, poverty, internal conflicts and similar reasons. Within the scope of our project, we establish nutritional health centers for children under the age of 5 and pregnant/breastfeeding mothers who are in the high-risk group for hunger. We are struggling to keep thousands of people alive in the centers that we opened in Afghanistan, Chad and Yemen, where the risk of death due to hunger is very high.

Stating that we are waiting support for our campaign called "Not For A Meal, For A Life", our Chairman of the Board of Directors Yahyahan Güney M.D. said, “A part of the earth is still struggling with hunger. In some regions, there are people who feed on fruit trees for a year, there are mothers and children who only eat leftover food from the garbage, and people who have to sleep hungry when they can't find any food. We know that malnutrition leads to many diseases. Thousands of children develop malnutrition due to the body's inability to meet its energy and protein needs because of malnutrition. We have been trying to support this struggle in distant geographies with our nutritional health projects since 2012. We open nutritional health centers to make people facing with hunger to hold on to life, and conduct examinations and medical nutrition treatments in these centers. At the same time, as every year, we distribute food packages to the people of the region in need this year. Of course, we achieve all these aids with the presence of our donors and volunteers at all times. We expect our people to support our campaign "Not For A Meal, For A Life", which we started this year in order to continue on the path of goodness. We kindly remind that every donation to be made will touch the lives of people in distant geographies.