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As Yeryüzü Doktorları, we have been organizing qurbani organizations for 16 years to bring the joy of Eid to countries struggling with hunger. This year, we aim to deliver your sacrifice aid to thousands of people with our campaign called “Let There Be Sacrifice, Let There Be Health”

We have determined our share price to be 880 TL this year. We will organize qurbani organizations in 14 countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Chad, Ethiopia, Palestine, Niger, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda and Yemen.

Making statements about the sacrifice campaign, our Chairman of the Board Yahyahan Güney M.D. said, “As Yeryüzü Doktorları, we have been delivering the qurbani shares of our donors to those in need for many years, with great care and sensitivity, in order to prevent health problems caused by malnutrition. We know that there are people in distant geographies waiting for these organizations and those people can only consume meat with the aid of these qurbani organizations that we conduct. The fact we witnessed during the qurbani organizations that a child picking up the pieces of meat that fell from the bag into the mud and taking them to his family tells us a lot about the situation. This year, as we do every year, we started our sacrifice campaign in order to share the joy of Eid al-Adha with thousands of people in need in difficult geographies and to keep the goodness of the holiday alive. Join us now and send us your donations by proxy, and let the people living on the border of hunger all over the world live the joy of feast with us.