In the world, not everyone has the same facilities. Some live in prosperity and luxury, while others are struggling with poverty and despair. A lot of reasons such as natural disasters, internal disorders, wars, poverty, hunger may make some people more desperate and deprived than the others.

A group of voluntary health workers who have taken action in Bosnia, Kosovo wars and in 17 August earthquake without ignoring these events have established Yeryüzü Doktorları in 2000 in order to reach the people in need who are unable to access health services and to make them hold on to life.

Up to this day; for the events below;

2004 Indian Ocean (Indonesia Aceh) Earthquake and Tsunami

2005 Sudan Darfur Crisis

2005 Pakistan Muzaffarabad Earthquake and Flood Disaster

2006 Indonesia Yogyakarta Earthquake

2007 Sri Lanka Internal Conflicts

2008 Gaza Crisis

2009 Pakistan Swat Crisis

2011 Van Earthquake

2011 Horn of Africa Drought Crisis

2012 Syrian Crisis

2013 Philippines Typhoon

2014 Central African Crisis

2014 Soma Disaster

2014 Gaza Crisis

2014 West African Ebola Outbreak

2015 Nepal Earthquake

2015 Pakistan Flood Disaster

2015 Yemen Crisis

2017 Arakan Crisis etc;

and in a lot of crisis and emergencies, your support have been delivered to the people in need. This movement of goodness initiated with short-term activities have become a bridge of goodness that provide permanent and sustainable changes with the strength you provide.

In this context;

In 2011, 3 nutrition health centres have been opened in Somalia and a Healing Hospital in 2012.

In 2012, a maternal and nutrition health centre in Niger was supported,

In 2012, a medical station for Syrian refugees was established in Hatay Yayladağı,

In 2012, a triage centre opened in Lebanon’s Wadi Khaled district,

In 2013, a medical specialization program was launched in Somalia,

In 2013, a blood bank opened in Lebanon,

In 2013, a micro-surgical unit was established in Gaza,

In 2014, a midwive and nurse school was opened in Somalia,

In 2014, a primary health care clinic was opened in Bangui, Central African Republic,

In 2014, a mobile health service was initiated to serve the large migration wave in Suruç,

In 2014, a refugee health clinic was established and operated in Şırnak,

In 2015, Hewa Bora Hospital was opened in Congo DC,

In 2015, the FTR Laboratory of Gaza Islamic University was opened,

In 2015, FTR and home health program was launched in Gaza,

In 2015, a refugee camp clinic was opened in the Sido region of Chad,

In 2015, support has been provided for the establishment and operation of Yamadi Hospital in Syria,

In 2015, support has been provided for the establishment of the medical faculty in Uganda Islamic University,

Scientific congresses were organized in Yemen (2012), Somalia (2013) and Palestine (2015)

Trainings were organized in Tanzania-Zanzibar (2015), Azerbaijan (2016, 2017), Mauritania (2015), Uganda (2016) and Afghanistan (2017)

In 2015, refugee health clinics were established and operated in Batman and Diyarbakır,

In 2015, a refugee health clinic was opened and operated in Fatih, İstanbul,

In 2016, 4 nutrition health centres were opened in Yemen,

In 2016, a nutritional health program was launched in East Guta, Syria,

In 2016, refugee health clinics were established and operated in İzmir and İstanbul-Sultangazi,

In 2017, the project of migrant health education centres was launched in İstanbul-Küçükçekmece, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa,

In 2018 June, Mother Child Health and Primary Health Care Clinics were established in Soran district on Syria Azez province,

In 2018 October, refugee health clinics were established in Cinderes district on Syria Afrin province,

In 2019 January, refugee health clinics were established in Balukhali Refugee Camp in Bangladesh on where Rohingya refugees lives,

In Somalia, Uganda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Niger and Cameroon cataract camps were organized, thousands of people’s eyes were opened to goodness,

So far, nearly 50 countries have been set foot, more than 200 volunteer health teams have been organized and thousands of examinations and surgeries have been performed.

Sometimes a simple treatment was enough to heal all wounds of the body. Sometimes we came back from the threshold of a path heading to death from starvation. Sometimes an old hand had the mercy and trust. Sometimes goodness turned into compassion in a little girl, and sometimes into courage in a little boy. Sometimes it was the shoulder of a mother to lean on, or it was the hand of a father to cling with respect, love and affection. Some opened their eyes to the world with hope, and some held on to life tightly. With goodness and health…

Owing to the strength coming from you, Yeryüzü Doktorları continues to spread the goodness of these lands in the best way with a great faith and will.

Every life is worth saving!